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To become one of the leading giants in early education and raise children who will not only become academic giants but also solution providers in a world of ever increasing challenges.


To develop meaningful relationships which supports and encourages each individual to reach his/her potential in an environment of love, value and respect for each other.

Core Values

J – Just
O – Open
P – Passion
P – Professionalism
A – Achieving

The Director's Profile

My name is Mrs. Obianuju Egbuna Chima, and I am excited to have you here. Many thanks for stopping by.

Although the journey so far has been smooth, we have had to navigate through some very strong currents. These have become ceaseless and typify the maxim that the road to success is always under construction.

I am a trained educator, a young and vibrant woman, a social entrepreneur at heart, with a strong passion to develop young minds and bring them to a place of relevance. As a mother, I have firsthand experience of what an average parent would want for their ward/children in terms of quality education.

I hold a bachelor degree in Microbiology, a PGD in Education, a Diploma in Montessori Education, a Masters in educational administration, and professional teacher’s certification from the British council. I also hold double professional certificates on Social entrepreneurship from Cambridge College of Education, Massachusettes, United States of America and Bocconi University, Milan. I have grown through the ranks having practical experiences in childcare, class teaching and school administration, thus I have the basic practical experience required to care for your child.

Trust me!

You are welcome any day for a tour at our school facility; we look forward to having you around and ultimately work with your kids.

Let a trial convince you!!!

Can’t wait to have your kids join us!

See you soon.


Joppa is more than a school
We are a family of champions!

We Are Topnotch, Offering A Rounded Education For Less

To us in Joppa, education is beyond good grades, we believe in not just raising academic scholars but raising leaders with strong morals and entrepreneurship skills that will position them to triumph in an ever challenging world. We are dedicated and committed to molding the total child. We are breeding a generation of inventors, and professionals who would blaze trails in various fields of study! Simply put we are raising a new order of solution providers. We believe that in every child is a special gift/talent and we have summarized these talents to be golden eggs with equal opportunities for wealth creation. We are dedicated to searching out these gifting in your child and protectively sharpen these talents to bring out the star in each child.

We are confident that all parents whose children are enrolled in our school will be pleased that they have made a worthy investment in their future and so, be a source of inspiration to others. We are just a call away!


e-Learning Garget

e-Learning Garget is a great tool which will change and enhance the delivery and assessment of education forever. What we are seeing now is only scratching the surface.

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Activity Based Learning

Educational research into brain development and learning has made us understand that the more senses of the child involved in the learning process, the deeper the understaning of what is taught.

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Thinking Education

Here at Joppa School, students are encouraged to think 'outside the box'. This will enable them to deconstruct their own learning process and find out what works best for them.

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Our Management Team

We have expert teachers with a high standard educational qualifications that suites our teaching method.

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Head of Department
Upper Grade
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Director of Studies
Middle School at Joppa College
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Head of Department
Lower Grade
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Head of Department
Nursery Section
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Head of Finance
Joppa Schools

The level of creativity and passion displayed in Joppa is second to non. My Lovely kids, David and Anita continue to amaze me. This is a worthy investment. Every child deserves quality education. Thank you Joppa Schools for being the best.


Dr. Isreal Yusuf

Happy Parent

My daughter, is currently the oldest pupil in Joppa, over the years, I have seen the school grow and add value to both parents and students. Bringing my daughter to Joppa remains one of the best decisions I have made. I have no regrets. Great school indeed.


Ms. Gloria Utilor

Happy Parent

I have always been against moving children from school to school, but I was left with no choice, when I moved my boys to Joppa I wanted nothing but the best. It's been two years now, I am glad I made that move. Great school, Lovely teachers. Keep being you.


Dr. Daniel Etajuwa

Happy Parent

Our Facilities

Here are some of the facilities provided for our students and pupils.


We have provided a conducive library for our students and pupils to read effectively and to make reference.

Expert Teachers

We have expert teachers with a high standard educational qualifications that suites our teaching method.

ICT Room

Our ICT room is well equipped with digital gargets to enhance our students and pupils’ knowledge in ICT.

Music Room

We teach our students and pupils how to sing, dance and making use of all kinds of musical instruments with ease.

Video Lessons

We have provided an e-learning video for our students and pupils to watch and learn from our school website.

School Bus

Our school bus has always been in working condition to transport our students and pupils safely to their destination.